Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lobster Tanks Info

Though they resemble fish, lobsters are not fish, but animals who survive on air. So they should always be kept in oxygen-enriched environment, to keep them alive. Otherwise, they will drown. They don't have blood and muscles but gain strength from internal fluids that they go on pushing from one chamber of the body to another. Hence they are called as hydraulically operated animals. Due to their hard shells, lobsters are also called as crustaceans. Their body fluid is essential for their survival. If this fluid is lost, their body starts deteriorating and the hard shells turn soft and slimy. The death of a lobster is final when their body elements start deteriorating, beginning with the tail detaching itself from the body and exposing the flesh. Hence lobsters should be handled with special care and maintenance of certain environmental conditions is necessary, when they are kept in the tanks.

Retaining the balance of environment in the tank is one of the most important factors. Biological filters like pads, bio rocks, etc. should be kept in the tank to support the growth of bacteria that destroy the pollutants emitted by the lobsters and thus help in maintaining the environmental balance. The amount of bacteria is important to balance the system, since their levels can increase or decrease based on the number of lobsters within the tank. According to scientific studies, the number of lobsters should equal the number of bacteria. In case of any discrepancy in the numbers, the bacteria are outnumbered and hence cannot destroy the growing amount of waste in the tank. This leads to rapid instruction and death of the lobsters and the bacteria.

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