Saturday, January 31, 2009

How Much Will a Saltwater Aquarium Cost to Setup? The Cost of Setting Up Saltwater Tanks Examined

Setting up a saltwater tank costs money, that fact cannot be argued. Most people think that it will take a lot of money and this keeps them away from the hobby. But figuring out how much will a saltwater aquarium cost is not that hard and the article below will help you understand the costs involved with setting up and caring for a saltwater tank.
How Much Will a Saltwater Aquarium Cost To Setup
While figuring out your marine aquarium setup to the penny would be pretty tough you can get a very close estimate of the overall cost by using a cost per gallon factor. If you are setting up a marine aquarium that will only have fish in it you can easily use the number of $20-$25 per tank gallon.
If you are setting up a reef aquarium the added equipment can drive this number to around $35 per tank gallon. The reef tank can go much higher then this if you are buying very high end equipment or exotic corals.
The above prices will give you a good estimate and should get you a tank that is completely set up ready to go with a basic fish or two. Additional fish will obviously add more money but because the prices of saltwater fish vary alot it is hard to gauge the extra expense they will add.
How Much To Maintain My Saltwater Aquarium
The cost involved to take care of marine aquariums will be different for each tank. But as a general rule of thumb the average saltwater tank will cost about $.50-$1 per tank gallon to run and maintain. A reef aquarium will be much more and you will be safe to figure in around $1.50-$2 per tank gallon in operating and maintenance costs each month.
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