Friday, February 20, 2009

Setting Up Saltwater Tanks - Tips to Setup Your Saltwater Aquarium the Right Way

Many people are interested in setting up saltwater tanks but never take the leap and actually set one up. Many are afraid that saltwater aquariums are extremely hard and the fish always die. While it is true that some saltwater fish are delicate and that the tanks require a bit more care there really is nothing that hard about setting up saltwater tanks, as long as you follow a few key pieces of advice.

How To Build The Foundation For a Successful Saltwater Aquarium

Over Filter The Tank- The filter system on your marine aquarium is critical to the overall look and health of your tank and saltwater fish. The filter system does more then just filter the water, it also provides circulation in the tank which will help oxygenate the water. For that reason it is smart to always buy a filter that is rated slightly higher then your tank. This is because as debris builds up in them their performance will degrade and water flow decrease.

Avoid Small Tanks- Anyone setting up saltwater tanks for the first time should never go smaller then 40 gallons. This is because tanks that are smaller will suffer from temperature and salt level changes faster then larger tanks. These changes can cause your fish to get stressed and sick. A larger saltwater aquarium also lets you keep a few more fish then the smaller tanks making the display more colorful and pleasing to the eye.

Do Not Add To Many Fish- Having to many fish in a marine aquarium will almost always end with dead fish, algae and a ugly tank. Marine fish are territorial and will fight for the space they call their own, often to the death. They are also very sensitive to high nitrate levels which are common in over stocked marine aquariums. To avoid overstocking stick with a medium fish for every ten gallons of tank and a small fish for every eight gallons of tank volume.

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