Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Will I Need a Protein Skimmer on My Saltwater Tank? Protein Skimming of Saltwater Aquariums Examined

One of the most controversial pieces of saltwater aquarium equipment is the protein skimmer. These specialized filters do a good job of stripping a lot of pollutants and compounds out of the water. But is a protein skimmer needed in every saltwater tank?

The answer is no and there are many successful saltwater aquariums that proved this point. Below you will see some types of tanks that will not necessarily need a protein skimming to be successful.

Types of Marine Tanks That May Not Need Protein Skimming

Fish Only Tanks- Generally tanks that house just saltwater fish will do fine without a protein skimmer. Although you will need to have adequate filtration and your water changes will need to be more frequent to keep up with and nitrates that occur.

Soft Coral Reef Tank- Generally reef tanks with soft corals can get away without a skimmer. This is because soft corals are very hardy and many come from less pristine parts of the ocean. This means they can handle slightly lees then perfect water quality much better then other corals can.

Tanks With Refugiums- a refugium is an additional tank that grows special types of algeas around the clock. This algae will use the compounds that other nuisance algaes need to grow. This method works almost as good as skimming.Additionally a refugium can provide a the saltwater fish and corals with natural food

Keep in mind that although a skimmer is not needed to have a great saltwater tank they will give you an extra barrier of protection against algae.A good skimmer will also help keep nitrates down and also oxygenate your tanks water as well.

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