Monday, February 9, 2009

Beginner Saltwater Aquarium Tips For Anyone Wanting a Successful Saltwater Aquarium

Setting up a new salt water aquarium is very fun and exciting hobby. It is also a hobby that can be fairly expensive and rushing into it can wind up costing you more then you need to. Below you will see some useful tips that will help you have a successful saltwater tank.

Avoid Small Tanks- As neat as they seem those small aquariums are nothing but trouble. They are not stable, will limit the amount of fish you can keep in your tank and actually require more care then a larger tank. For a good beginner saltwater aquarium stick with something over 40 gallons and under 90 and you will be set!

Learn About The Fish You Like- Knowing what types of saltwater fish you want to keep in your salt water tank will help you properly choose the proper sized tank and filtration system. It will also allow you to eliminate any delicate or hard to keep saltwater fish from your list.

Stay Vigilant In Your Care- Nothing Will wreck a nice clean beginner saltwater aquarium like lack of maintenance will. But you can keep your tank clean by changing 25% of the water every month, cleaning your filters every other week and giving the fish and equipment a visual check every other day or so.

Do Not Over Stock- Cramming to many fish into a saltwater tank is a common problem with new marine tank owners and algae and dead fish are the result. Avoid this by only keeping a medium sized fish per ten gallon of tank water. Over time you can see if you can add more but take it slow!

Do Not Over Feed- Overfeeding your marine fish is just as bad as overstocking the tank. When you feed your fish you should shut off your filters and pumps and add small amounts that the fish eat quickly. Repeat this a few times and make sure no food gets left uneaten or it can rot and cause algae to grow in your beginner saltwater aquarium

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