Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Saltwater Aquarium Care - Hidden Dangers to Avoid When Doing Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance

Performing proper and consistent saltwater aquarium care is a crucial part to having a successful marine aquarium and many people realize this. But what many people do not realize is that there are dangers that you must avoid when doing saltwater aquarium maintenance.

Common Marine Aquarium Dangers and How To Avoid them

Electrical Danger- All equipment that is used in your aquarium is powered by electricity. While all of these items are designed to not transmit electricity into the water nothing is 100%. In order to avoid being shocked or electrocuted always use a GFI circuit that will trip and protect you if a short is detected.

Bacterial Danger- A saltwater aquarium is full of bacteria, some is harmless and useful to the tank. While others are harmful to humans and can make you very sick. To avoid coming into contact with the bacteria always use rubber gloves when doing your aquarium maintenance and always wash your hands with anti bacterial soap and hot water after cleaning your salt water tank.

Fish Danger- While not all saltwater fish are dangerous there are some that can bite, cut or poke you. To avoid this danger use caution when doing performing saltwater aquarium care if your tank houses aggressive fish like trigger fish or venomous fish like lion fish. TO clean the tank safely you may need to have a helper hold them back with a poker. Or you can make a plastic tank divider to keep them away from the side of the aquarium yo are working on.

Cutting Danger- If you have live rock or dead coral skeletons in your salt water tank be careful of the sharp edges when doing saltwater aquarium maintenance. These types of decorations have very sharp edges that can cut you very easily. Always use gloves that are strong enough to withstand a brush against the sharp rock or coral.

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