Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Setting Up Saltwater Aquariums - Beginner Tips For New Saltwater Tanks

Anyone interested in setting up saltwater aquariums is more then likely nervous and over whelmed with the amount of work involved in the process. As hard as they seem saltwater aquariums are not as hard as they look, they just need to be planned and set up correctly. The tips below will cover some of the more common areas beginners make mistakes in.

Tips For a Successful Saltwater Tank

Buy Slightly Larger Filters Then You Need- The filter system is by far the most important piece of equipment on your saltwater tank. It is responsible for providing clean clear water plus it is also responsible for water circulation. When shopping for your filter keep in mind that most manufactures will over rate their products ability by at least 10%. With this in mind always buy a slightly larger filter and you will have less problems down the road.

Buy The Right Sized Tank- The tank is the foundation of your saltwater system. This foundation can be made more stable with a larger tank. Factors like salinity levels, water temperature and other chemical aspects of the fishes environment will be more consistent and less subject to change with a tank in the range of 40-75 gallons. And consistency and stability are critical to keeping healthy saltwater fish.

Do Not Over Stick Your Tank- Adding to many fish into a saltwater aquarium is a recipe for disaster that will lead to algae and dead fish. This is because unlike freshwater fish marine fish are very territorial and need ample space to feel less stress. While some fish are not as territorial as others you should still stick to a basic rule of one average sized saltwater fish per ten gallons of tank volume you should be okay. Down the road as your skills increase you can try to add more but always add new fish slowly and wait a few weeks in between new additions.

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