Saturday, January 31, 2009

BiOrb - The Aquarium of the Future

There is no getting beyond it. As far as care for the humble Goldfish is concerned boy have times have changed and how have they changed.
OK Hands up those who if asked who would know what a biOrb is? Well the answer would be is that a biOrb is the future as far as a home for our domestic friend the Goldfish is concerned.
No longer content with a simple bowl made from simple glass with the odd throw away from Grannies house clearance lurking in the bottom no sirree, the Goldfish has moved on to bigger and better things and a closer in section of what exactly a biOrb does will give us a clearer understanding of why.
Firstly you have to consider the technology involved here and it has to be said that this is quite impressive. All biOrb Aquariums utilize a unique five -stage system to improve and maintain water quality and clarity. This, as keen owners of tropical fish will be only too ready to Admit is essential in the healthy welfare of our fishy friends.
The optimized water is better and stays clearer for much longer than conventional systems. The five-stage process includes biological, mechanical and chemical filtration along with water stabilization and 100% oxygenation.
One of the other interesting and revealing things about a biOrb is that they are made out of Acrylic as opposed to conventional glass. Now Acrylic is a clear plastic that looks similar to glass but has properties that make it superior to glass. All biOrbs are constructed out of acrylic and this enables the biOrb to be stronger, much lighter and have an overall superior finish compared to similar aquariums made out of glass.
One of the other benefits of acrylic over glass is that acrylic is much more shock absorbent than glass which in turn means that all acrylic aquariums are much more able to withstand the shocks and accidental bumps that occur from time to time without breaking.
But being lighter and stronger is about much more than that.
Being lighter means that biOrbs are approximately 50% lighter than conventional glass aquariums and the knock on effect is that it would be difficult if not impossible for someone to carry a 60 litre for emptying whereas the 60 litre biOrb is within the ability of a strong person to pick up, carry and empty.
Being stronger means that the acrylic biOrbs are up to 17 times as strong as conventional glass aquariums and this considerably decreases the chance of the aquarium breaking. It is a little known fact that one inch thick acrylic is actually bullet proof. The other thing and benefit to acrylic is that it can be drilled and worked with without the possibility of it shattering and becoming completely useless.
Lastly the finish on acrylic aquariums is actually superior to glass aquariums and the added benefit is that if scratched, an acrylic aquarium can be polished and restored whereas its glass counterpart, if scratched remains scratched.
There is a whole lot more to biOrb aquariums and this will be discussed at later briefings.
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