Thursday, January 29, 2009

Saltwater Aquarium Algae -The Main Causes of Marine Aquarium Algae and How to Avoid Them

The biggest problem that any saltwater fish tank keeper faces is aquarium algae growth. Algae can turn a beautiful tank into an eye sore and be a source of frustration for the owner. Fortunately stopping algae in a saltwater aquarium is easy to do and most times it can be traced to the easily preventable actions that you are doing.

How To Avoid Algae In Your Marine Aquarium

Proper Fish Stocking Levels- Overstocking saltwater aquariums is probably the biggest reason for aquarium algae growth in marine aquariums. Not only will to many fish add excessive waste to the tank increasing the nitrates that algae thrives on,they will also drive the oxygen levels down to the point where algae will begin to grow.

To make sure your tank is not over stocked start with a small fish per ten gallons of tank volume and slowly move up from there. After each fish addition monitor nitrate and phosphate levels and if they are starting to rise then you have reached your fish limit.

Use Pure Water- Many saltwater fish tank owners use tap water for there tanks. This is almost always a recipe for excessive algae growth. This is because most local water companies add phosphates to the water in order to prevent rusting pipes. This phosphate will fuel algae blooms like crazy. To get around this problem purchase a good revere osmosis water system that will give you 99% pure water.

Only Add What You Can Test For- There is a wide variety of saltwater aquarium additives and supplements on the market that promise alot of amazing things. Some are good some are bad and some are down right nasty and can fuel aquarium algae growth as fast as nitrates or phosphates. As a rule of thumb if you cannot test for it do not add it to your tank, no matter what the bottle says.

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