Friday, January 30, 2009

Have a Cloudy Saltwater Aquarium? - How to Make Your Saltwater Fish Tank Clear Again

Nothing looks better then a crystal clear saltwater aquarium. Unfortunately many saltwater fish keepers cannot get rid of their cloudy water and never have truly crystal clear marine aquariums. The tips below will help you understand why your saltwater aquarium water is cloudy and what you can do to make it clear again.

Why Saltwater Fish Tank Water Gets Cloudy

There are two main reasons that your saltwater fish tank water will be cloudy. Those two reasons are bacterial blooms and excessive debris in your water

The bacterial blooms are the direct result of over feeding your fish or over stocking your tank. The excess waste that to many fish and rotting fish food produce will break down and will feed the bacteria.

To much debris in the water usually comes from filters that are not strong enough or not cleaned frequently enough to do a good job.

How To Make Your Marine Aquarium Water Clear Again

First examine the amount of fish you have in your tank. You should really only have one average size fish for every 8-10 gallons of tank volume. If you have alot more then this you may need to remove one or two saltwater fish to get the stocking levels back within an acceptable range.
Also make sure to shut off all pumps and filters when you feed and add your fish and add food slowly. This will give the fish the best chance at getting all the food and it will not be blown around.

Take a look at your filter system as well and make sure the filters you have are rated for the tank size you have. If they are to small you may need to upgrade to larger more efficient filters.
Make sure to clean your filters at least every two weeks to get rid of trapped debris and fish waste that can add to bacterial blooms. You may need to clean them more frequently if they are slightly underpowered.

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