Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tips to Lower Nitrates in Saltwater Aquarium and Have Healthy Saltwater Fish in an Algae Free Tank

Having lower nitrates in a saltwater aquarium is critical to having healthy colorful saltwater fish and also for keeping nuisance aquarium algae to a minimum. High nitrates in your tank can usually be traced to a few key factors which are discussed below.

How to Lower Nitrates In a Saltwater Aquarium
Feed Carefully- Feeding your saltwater fish is something that has to be done but simply throwing some food in the tank is not the proper way to do it and can lead to higher nitrates if uneaten food gets trapped in filters or blown into areas were it will be left to rot.

instead you should shut off all filters and pumps and add small amounts making sure the fish consume it all. Do this for a few minutes or until your saltwater fishes bellies appear round and full.

Have The Proper Fish Load- Overstocking your salt water fish tank is a guaranteed way to have high nitrates and the problems that come with them. This is a common problem especially among new salt water fish tank owners.

To avoid overstocking make sure that you start out with one smaller fish per ten gallons of tank water volume. Slowly add fish a few weeks apart and make sure to test your nitrates during those few weeks. When you find your nitrates have started to rise after a new fish addition you cannot add anymore and are at the stocking limit of your tank.

Increase Tank Maintenance- Make sure to change your saltwater frequently and vacuum the gravel to remove any settled debris. Also make it a habit to change your filter pads every one to two weeks to remove the fish waste and uneaten food that will start to decay and add nitrates. By increasing the frequency that you clean your aquarium filters and change your tanks water you will be removing the things that cause high nitrates.

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